Research Workshop (A1) – The Body as Sign in Contemporary Dance

The Body as Sign in Contemporary Dance Performances

Research Workshop

Our first research workshop will take place on Friday, March 4th 2016, 17:00-19:00, as part of the research project “Figura – body, art, space, language” funded by UEFISCDI through the “Young Research Teams” program, and hosted by the Center of Excellence in Image Studies (CESI), University of Bucharest. Starting from the understanding of the body and its corporeality as a “sign” in contemporary dance performances, our meeting with Andrea Gavriliu and Cristina Modreanu will seek to explore the first axis of our research field, namely the relations between the rhetorical figure and the human body.

 A remarkable actress and choreographer of the new generation, Andrea Gavriliu is known to the national and international public through performances such as Zic Zac (2013, in her own directing), Hotel PM (2015, in her own directing), Disorient Express (2015, in her own directing), Vertigo (2015, directed by Mihai Măniuțiu), 3 Hours After Midnight (2015, directed by Mihai Măniuțiu), and Hyokkori Hyotanjima (2015, directed by Kazuyoshi Kushida). She will join us from Sfîntu Gheorghe, where she is currently working on The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky in her own directing, scenography, and choreography.

Cristina Modreanu is a theater critic, curator, and performing arts expert. She is teaching at the Doctoral School “Space, Image, Text, Territory” within the Faculty of Letters/CESI, University of Bucharest. Having authored a great number of Romanian theater studies and being the editor-in-chief of magazine, she enjoys international recognition in the field of contemporary performing arts and performance studies, which she has introduced in Romania for the first time.

The discussions will be accompanied by a selection of video projections from Andrea Gavriliu’s performances, as proposed by Cristina Modreanu.

This event is part of a series of four workshops organized within the project. Their common goal is twofold: to identify new regimes of the figure through the analysis of contemporary visual objects, and to stress the interdisciplinary potential of the concept of figure in its relations with the body, art, space, and language. The workshop is created and organized by the team of the Figura research project (“Figura – body, art, space, language”, PN-II-RU-TE-4-0787) at the Center of Excellence in the Study of Image (CESI), 5 Mihail Moxa Street, the Conference Room, ground floor.

Research team: Laura Marin (PhD), Anca Băicoianu (PhD), Vlad Ionescu (PhD), Andrei Lazăr (PhD), Alexandra Irimia (PhD student), Alina Vlad (PhD student) and Alex Maxim (project technician).

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